The Founders Line 2023

A tribute to the founding mission and values of the brand, this collection aims to continually push our boundaries of shoemaking. Here we look to introduce new techniques as we learn and perfect the craft and experiment with limited, unique and rare found leathers.

7 Signature Styles

The Double monk

The Adelaide

The Melbourne

The Wholecut

The Penny Loafer

The Straight Tip

The Single Monk

The Austerity

Barrel Waist and Toe Taps

J&FJ Baker Oak Bark Tanned

Traditional oak-bark ground-tanning is a process involving biodegradable tanning agents such as bark and fruit. Oak bark tanned outsoles are waterproof and extremely abrasion resistant, flexible while having structure, comfortable to wear and break in and can distinguished by its attractive grain and warm, woody colour.  

We Do Things Differently

As a fairly young factory made brand we are constantly learning and improving. The Founders line is an ever- evolving collection. It might be leathers or techniques but there will always be progress in our mission to make a better shoe. The Founders line is testament to our passion for the art of shoemaking.
Resident shoemaker 
MK Affan

Standard Features Of Bridlen Shoes


3D Attachment

The upper components are attached together on a last as opposed to on a flat surface. It gives definition of shape to the upper even before the lasting process allowing for lesser pressure needed during lasting. This in turn keeps the natural feeling of the leather intact and gives the overall shoes a more well defined shape.


Minimal Adhesives

The 3D attachments allow for very little and weak adhesives to be used only along the edges keeping the breathability of the premium leathers intact. It allows for the leather to age more naturally over time.



The seat area fits more snug to the heel as leather board counter is a more breathable and living material adding to a comfortable and good fit. The heels are stacked layer by layer and nailed top-down making for a robust yet clean, premium finish.

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