Arterton London

12 & 13, Princes Arcade,  London

Arterton is a London-based design atelier of sartorial and lifestyle "desiderata". Their modus operandus is creating fine goods that sell on their own accord.

Explore their Ready-to-Wear collection avaliable In-store


Seamless Bespoke

16 Ann Siang Road, Singapore

Situated within a charming shophouse along Ann Siang Road, Seamless Bespoke is home to both a menswear boutique and bespoke tailoring atelier, where bespoke clothing is handcrafted by a team of skilful artisans. Aside from the in-house bespoke tailoring options available, Seamless Bespoke also retails a range of carefully curated ready-to-wear shoe brands from around the world.

Explore their Ready-to-Wear collection avaliable In-store

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World Footwear Gallery

Ginza, 5-6-6, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

World Footwear Gallery, a pioneer in shoe select shops, operates under the motto "Great shoes from around the world!" A glance around the store reveals a veritable museum of renowned and high-quality shoes from across the globe, captivating the eyes of visitors. It is truly an indispensable shop for those in search of "great shoes."Moreover, the store has introduced countless brands to Japan ahead of others, and there are many shoe enthusiasts who recall seeing certain brands for the first time at this very shop.


75/76, Commercial Street, Bengaluru

There are few who have mastered the art of bespoke suit-making, and Y&O are one of those rare few. Y&O opened its doors in 2000 but their legacy dates back to 1920, when their forefathers sowed the seeds that transformed into an established, family-run fabric business. 


House of Brunito

24, Camac St, Kolkata

Bespoke Atelier Since 1955, Camac Street, Calcutta. Using the finest textiles from the mills of Italy, France & Switzerland.

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