What is 360° Channeling Insole Welted Goodyear?

Bespoke Processes In Factory Made Shoes

Leather Channeling

All parts of the shoe are held together by stitching allows for a "suspension bridge effect" which improves flexibility and comfort

Whole Day Comfort

The thicker insole adds more stability and support to the feet resulting in a more comfortable experience. It has the added advantage of shortening the break-in period of the shoe significantly

Toothbrush product

Sharp Feather Edge Shape

Wherein a standard Goodyear factory construction the welt sits below the insole stitched to a cotton rib, in the 360° the welt is stitched to the side wall of the insole giving the shoe a sharper feather edge and better flexibility.

No Seat Piece

After lasting, the welt is Goodyear stitched 360° to the channel and sits flatter on the insole. It is also easier to resole since it keeps the upper intact in the seat area.

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