The Custom Service

This month we will be launching 'The Custom Service' at our partner stores in London, Singapore & Tokyo. Clients will be able to come into these stores to create a unique pair of Bridlen shoes from a curation of leathers, lasts, and styles.


On the 5th of May, our resident shoemaker MK Affan will be available at Arterton London (12&13 Princes arcade, St. James, London)


18th of May in Seamless bespoke Singapore (16 Ann Siang road, Singapore)

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-09 at 19.27.17_9aa47cc5.jpg__PID:621a4dea-96a0-4d6d-9bbe-953bbb884162

24th - 27th in World Footwear Gallery Tokyo (Ginza, 5-6-6, Tokyo)


Get expert advice from the shoemaker on shoe fittings, and styles, and discuss all things sartorial.

We look forward to seeing you there RSVP for more information.

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