What is Museum Calf Leather?

As many of you know, we have always been fascinated by the patina effect, which is the unique aging of leather. However, we found that this effect didn't always age as well as we would have liked it to.

This is where Museum Calf Leather comes in. It's a type of leather that already has that cloudy, two-tone shade that we were trying to achieve with the patina effect. The tannery creates this effect during the tanning process, which means that the leather holds its color much better over time.

The result is a fine-grain leather that is both durable and beautiful. We have the green Museum Calf, which is our personal favorite, with its depth of green and hint of black. Then there is the brown Museum Calf, which is the most popular option.

Currently, the museum calf is available in three different shades in our founders line.

Patina effect

Brown Museum Calf Leather

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