The Bridlen Story



Bridlen was started when two veteran shoemakers Mr. Hasan and Mr. Watanabe decided to start a brand in Japan for shoe connoisseurs. The Brand would marry Mr. Watanabe's Japanese ethos of quality craftsmanship with Mr. Hasan's attention to detail and passion for shoemaking.  

Focused primarily on using the finest leathers and other components while pairing that with  age-old, time-tested techniques of shoemaking. Bridlen aims to offer Factory made Goodyear welted shoes as close to bespoke as possible. 

The brand started as an online store in Japan and slowly branched out globally. The Brand is committed to innovation in shoemaking techniques from our 360 Degree channeling technique and our 3D upper making technique. We are focused on bringing as many of the bespoke Goodyear Welted shoe processes into factory-made Goodyear Welted shoes.





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