We use slow pit tanned flexible leather of 4 - 5 mm thickness that provides excellent durability and stability to the feet. Unlike artificially arched and soft cushioned insoles, over time the thick leather insole takes the shape of the feet, creating a personalized fit. This natural process takes a few wears, over time making the shoe extremely comfortable allowing you to wear it for extended periods of wear.

Loose cork

Shredded cork bits mixed with rubber solution to make a paste, is used between the insole and outsole to fill the cavity. Unlike compacted cork sheets that are brittle and cannot fully and effectively fill the gaps in between the insole and outsole, the loose cork and rubber solution mix from Portugal also help in making the shoe more comfortable, and take the indent of the foot over many wears.

Stacked heel

The heel block is made of the same leather bends as the outsole, stacked layer by layer and finished with a combination rubber top lift.


Flexible leather to match the side profile of the sole, we use a range of flat, split or storm welts depending on the shoe style and design process.


They give the shoe definition of shape especially in the toe box and the counter(heel) area.

We use leather board heel counters that will fit comfortably and mould around your heel.

For the toe puffs we use high specification thermoplastic, which has almost no chance of breaking if someone steps on your toe. It has the propensity to bounce back, yet remain hard enough to keep the unique shape of the toe box of every last.

We use leather side stiffeners to give the shoe more definition, especially in the inside arch, which tend to aggressively shape inwards. In the spirit of the 3D attachment technology, where the upper and lining are not glued together, the leather side stiffeners are attached to the lining side of the upper to keep the natural touch of the leather intact.

Leather Shank with metal

A leather shank with reinforced metal is used as opposed to a fully metal or plastic shank. 

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