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The  Welt  Works

Welcome to our journal! We're here to discuss all things shoes, leather and other satorial topics.  

New York Super Trunk Show 2023

Announcing the New York super trunk show agenda.... Read more

Us shoe shining championship 2023

The first ever US shoe shining championship.... Read more

What does BREAKING IN mean?

 Initially, new shoes, particularly those made from leather, may feel tight....  Read more


Suede and Nubuck are often confused as being the same or not being leather at all. Are they? ... Read more


Lets explore the world of cordovan leather, its history, characteristics, and why it has become highly sought after in the realm of shoemaking... Read more


With wear, leather soles tend to develop a certain level of grip as they scuff and the surface roughens up... Read more


This leather has been treated with dyes and pigments in a way that results in an uneven, cloudy pattern of darker and lighter tones... Read more


The process involves creating a "channel" or "groove" in the insole of the shoe, where the upper leather, the welt (a strip of leather or rubber), and the insole are stitched together.... Read more

Shoe Rotation: Secret to Longer-Lasting Footwear

You can easily pick up your fav. This practice can contribute significantly to the lifespan of your footwear.... Read more


Color, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but it can also be affected by various factors... Read more

Does the Weight of Your Shoe Matter?

Think about walking on sand. When you walk on soft sand, it's nice for a short while, but if you were to run on it, it becomes quite difficult because.... Read more

Shell Cordovan Care

Yada yada yada.... Read more

Suede Care

Yada yada yada.... Read more

The Resident Shoemaker

As most unwritten blogs, this one has been coming along for a long time. As most written blogs sites, I hope this goes on for a long time, with regular updates and serving the purpose I set out here:

To inform the reader, shoe enthusiasts, fellow shoemakers, clients and potential future ones of the shoe-making process in our factory using bespoke processes but using the help of machinery where better and more productive to do so;

To document for the sake of posterity, techniques, processes, small lessons/hacks and of course mistakes that we learn by doing this job day in and day out so that we may remind ourselves at a later point or for others to learn from our mistakes;

Our journey from a small shoe making factory in south India with a sharp focus of quality, craftsmanship and honesty in all that we do, to presenting ourselves on the world stage as we humbly attempt to stand (cap)toe-to-(cap)toe {pun not intended:p} with the best shoemakers in the world.


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