Recap: Inaugural India Showcase of the World Championship of Shoemaking

The inaugural India Showcase of the World Championship of Shoemaking unfolded last weekend at the Folly Amethyst, a renowned venue in Chennai known for hosting art shows. The event welcomed enthusiasts of fine shoes, menswear, and art. Here are the highlights of the evening:

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Championship Shoes:

The event featured the winning shoes from the World Championship of Shoemaking, traditionally crowned in London. These exceptional shoes, renowned globally, toured cities like Paris, Stockholm, NYC, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai. This marked the first time India was added to the calendar, allowing local enthusiasts to witness these works of art.

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Each of the three championship shoes showcased a distinct approach to the competition. Attendees, including members of the Indian shoemaking community from around the country, spent considerable time admiring and discussing the intricacies of these exceptional shoes

The event featured the launch of a new collection of shoes from Bridlen. The highlight was the unveiling of new styles for Bridlen, with a teaser for the upcoming women's line scheduled for mid-2024.


Attendees had the opportunity to experience a complimentary shoe shine service, which proved to be a busy and engaging aspect of the event. Animated discussions on shoe care and repair services highlighted the need for more focused conversations on these topics. Both services are now available at the Bridlen Gallery.

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In addition to shoes, the event featured Madras Makers, a reputed Chennai-based brand known for crafting exquisite furniture. They provided the furniture used for the display, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the showcase.


Madras Leatherworks, an upcycling initiative, also showcased the Re: bag. An ode to functional and sustainable fashion. For more info read here.

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The Folly Amethyst, a highly sought-after venue in Chennai, provided the perfect backdrop for the showcase. Known for hosting art exhibitions, the venue complemented the aesthetic of displaying the championship shoes.

The event was a resounding success, and there are plans to make it a regular part of the annual calendar. We look forward to hosting more events that celebrate the craftsmanship of shoemaking and menswear in India.

Here are more images of the event.

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