Spotlight - Arterton London

Arterton is a multi-brand classic menswear store located in the iconic Princes Arcade in St. James’s.


Outside the Arterton Store

This arcade is one of two that connects Piccadilly with Jermyn St. Arterton was founded by William Wong with the idea of bringing an international curation of products to both the physical store and the online website.

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Arterton stocks shoes from Bridlen, as well as from the Chinese shoemaker Yearn. They also carry premium shoe care products from the Swedish brand Paul Brunngard, and hangers from the Japanese brand Nakata.


The Arterton Lounge

Across the store, there is a private lounge for events where we will be launching the Custom Service on the 5th of May, 2024. Clients can create a unique pair of Bridlen shoes from a curated selection of leathers, lasts, and styles. They can also receive expert advice from the shoemaker on shoe fittings and styles, and discuss all things sartorial. To RSVP, please click the link provided.


Here is a podcast featuring our resident shoemaker, MK Affan, and Arterton Founder William Wong.

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