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The Shoe

Bridlen as a brand proudly represents the ethos of honesty, sterling quality & time tested techniques & craftsmanship. Every pair of shoes that comes out of our factory is a proud testament of these core values.

We use imported cow-calf hides tanned in India for the uppers, and Argentinian bends for the soles. All other ancillary materials used to make our shoes undergo rigorous tests for durability, comfort and longevity. Our suppliers have been selected after careful screening to meet with our exacting standards, to ensure that our ideologies in terms of quality and fair price are well matched.

Such is our dedication to quality that we use leather stiffners for the counter, leather between the lining and upper as reinforcement and other such details erstwhile seen only in bespoke shoemaking ensuring durability of the product. Similar is the case of the other materials too. The focus is not merely on aesthetics, but also to ensure that what goes inside our shoes is of premium quality as well.

While it is true that the process of shoemaking has come a long way, the reality is that in the present scenario, with the advent of both fast moving fashion and mass production factories, the time tested techniques of shoemaking that used natural materials and focused on small details, are sadly lost. Various crucial steps, be it the meticulous stitching of the uppers, or the detailed lasting of the shoe or even the careful finishing of the leather are ignored in the interest of saving time and increasing production levels since the final product looks the same. But this cutting of corners comes with a clear danger of seriously compromising the longevity & the quality of the finished product.

This is what sets Bridlen apart from the rest. Our pride lies in being a hundred percent honest in the materials we use and the detailed processes we follow, no matter how painstaking they may appear. While it translates to investing more time and perhaps might increase the cost a little, the satisfaction of knowing that we are delivering to you a stellar product is quite simply unparalleled.

At Bridlen, we employ either the Mackay construction or Goodyear welted construction or a combination and iteration of the two. Both are well known for their solid build quality and longevity. Our Mackay shoes like the traditional goodyear construction also has a layer of cork between the insole and the outsole. Not only does this result in supreme comfort, but this comfort is long lasting as the cork starts to take the shape of your feet, almost like a custom made mould, designed exclusively to your specifications. The cork and leather outsole both being natural materials, lend a high element of breathability to the shoe, ensuring your feet stay fresh even after long hours of use.

Investing in a good pair of shoes is like investing in your long-term comfort and overall physiological well-being. We believe that knowing more about your shoes will help you make the right choice. We are more than willing to address any queries you may have.